Don’t look for the quick fix; you’re in it for the duration.

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If you feel you neither have the time nor patience to do any related physical activities, you may just need a little perspective on your goals.

See what works for you by following the options below.

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5 Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

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Exercise is a necessity for people of all ages. Guest post provide by Drew James. See below for more information about this author. Beyond improving circulation, exercise gets the heart pumping and can build and strengthen muscles for healthy living. But exercise is arguably even more important for aging populations that live less active lifestyles, […]

5 Tips for Working Out After an Injury

Image courtesy of Communicative Health Care Associates

No need to quit; use these tips to get back on track. Guest post provided by Hossein Noshirvani. See below for more information about this author. An injury doesn’t mean you should stop working out. In many cases you should continue to exercise or work out to help heal an injury. Severe injuries may force […]

How to Do More Than One Pull-up

pullup bar

Can’t do a single pull-up? Here’s how to get started. Pull-ups and chin-ups are some of the best exercises you can do to improve your upper body. Unfortunately, many of us have a hard time getting above the bar. When I started out I could only do 1, or maybe 2, on a good day. […]

7 Tips on Staying Fit During Your Cruise

Don’t take a vacation from your healthy lifestyle while on your cruise. Taking a cruise is definitely one of the best vacation ideas out there. However, it can play havoc with your diet and fitness routine. The combination of free 24 hour room service and an ever changing buffet, coupled with a break in your […]