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Guidelines for Submitting Articles to ‘More Better Smarts’

Thanks for your interest in submitting an article to our site. MBS is always looking for interesting articles for our readers. If you’d like to provide an article as a guest blogger, please review the guidelines below.

Additionally, please review the current articles to get some idea of the structure and topic areas on the site.

Microsoft Word is preferable, but other mainstream formats should also work. Submit an email with attachment to:


MBS is interested in any articles that meet our stated mission of:

“Supplying practical wisdom
to help improve your life at
home, work, and play.”

The key here is ‘practical;’ we want our readers to walk (click?) away with interesting and actionable information. Some of the best submittals are tips, how-to posts, and interesting and informative lists that our readers can easily digest.

These are the primary topic areas on MBS; however, we’ll consider others:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Productivity
  • Life Hacks
  • Activities for Kids
  • Self-Improvement


The most popular articles are the ‘Top 10 Ways to,’ or ’5 Tips on’ types.

Try to be unique, as we receive quite a few ‘Here are Some Ways to Lose Weight,’ or ‘How to Get Fit.’ These titles/ideas are too generic and don’t attract interest.

Sub Headings

Please use sub headings to break up the post and add white space. This allows our readers to review the article more clearly.


We always include a relevant picture with each post:

  • Try to keep the images around 300×300 pixels.
  • You must have permission to use an image, or at least use one where there is no copyright issue. Proper attribution is required.

NOTE: If you aren’t able to find an image, we’ll do it for you.

Post Length

Typical posts should run around 300 to 1,000 words.


We regularly edit posts submitted to MBS. Don’t be upset if we edit your writing for grammar, punctuation, or even sentence structure. We won’t change the meaning of your article or your point of view.

If a post misses the mark completely or if it needs improvement, we will return it to you and say so. If there is room for improvement, we’ll let you know and suggest how to do so.


By submitting an article to MBS, you are simply granting us the right to keep it on our site and you are agreeing not to submit the article to anyone else’s site. Know that your name will remain with the article at all times.

In-post Links

We will allow links in your articles if they are relevant to the topic you’re writing about. We do ask that you link to any of your sources in order to give proper attribution. Excessive linking is prohibited, and any article that includes spam or other useless material will not be used.

Also note that we don’t place links ‘above the fold,’ so please place your links in the body of the message or author byline (see below).

Byline / Signature

We want to help promote you as the author of your article, and as such, provide an opportunity to include a byline/signature on your posts. This may not be used as adspace.

We allow up to 2 links, but they may not be affiliate links or point to junk sites that are soley designed for promoting affiliate links. The link may, however, point back to your site or blog.

Again, thanks for your interest in guest blogging for MBS. We hope to hear from you soon!