Treat Yourself to Memory Foam for a Good Night Sleep

Take the time to do your research for this important purchase.

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Memory foam mattress is one good way of guaranteeing you a good night sleep.

However when buying one you need to know how to find the best one.

There are different factors that you have to consider when shopping for one.

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What’s the origin

The lifespan of the memory foam mattress will be determined by how well you chose one and from where it was bought.

Some mattress companies claim that their products are made in Canada or US when that is not the case. In order to cut costs they source for the mattress components oversees and assemble them locally.

Test is rarely performed on imported components hence hard to know the chemicals used in making them. This most of the time compromises on quality.

It is advisable therefore to research and find out where the company sources for these components before purchasing any of their products. You could also ask their sales person for more information about their products.

What’s the density

Foam density will determine the quality of your sleep. It will also impact on the durability of the mattress.

Ask for a 5-7lb density which is ideal and characterizes most high-end mattresses. However note that all the layers should have this density and not just the 1st layer.

The size of the mattress also determines the size of the memory foam used. A size higher than 8” consists of 3 to 4 layers of memory foam.

A high density of memory foam ensures that the mattress will be less likely to lose shape overtime or sag. Remember sagging is not good for your spine.

Check the foundation

A mattress foundation is just as important as the mattress itself. A good mattress foundation should offer a stable and even support system for the mattress.

Mattresses always conform to the shape of the foundation, if it’s old and has ridges or dips the mattress will conform to these.

A firm base also counteracts any sagging brought about by the weight of the person laying on the mattress or the bedding used such as electric blankets.

Consider buying a new mattress foundation if the one you have is worn out and ensure that it is firm and will offer a stable support.

Don’t forget the cover

Don’t forget to look at the quality of the mattress cover.  A good protective cover is important for different reasons.

The knitting of the cover determines how long the mattress will last as well as your comfort. The knitting should cover the entire surface of the mattress and it should be breathable, anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent and with a soft luxurious feel.

Remember to get a good warranty for the memory foam mattress. Only buy a form mattress that offers you more than 10 years warranty. This shows their confidence in their products durability and quality.

You do not want to spend a lot of money buying a mattress which will only give you a few months years of good service. You want to ensure that you are off mattress shopping and on for a quality night sleep for at least 10years.

For more details and benefits of using the memory foam mattresses please visit the Great Memory Foam website.



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