Scheduling Cleaning Tasks for a Healthy Home

Some pointers for arranging a cleaning schedule.

Guest post provided by Michelle. See below for more information about this author.

A dirty home hides all sorts of risks for one’s health.

One of the toughest things is finding time for cleaning and actually motivating oneself to clean.

Cleaning is tiresome and time-consuming without doubt, but it’s also essential.

However, planning and distributing each task in a way that you always find time for it will ensure you never end up with a dirty and messy home.

How to begin?

Start by taking a good look at your home. Which areas are the toughest to clean and how long does it take you to do a full cleanup at home?

Which are the areas with the most traffic; are there carpets or rugs everywhere that need regular vacuuming?

Do you have an air conditioning whose filters haven’t been changed for a while?

Understanding how your home actually is and how you should maintain it will help you keep it clean and tidy without too much stress.

What to schedule?

Decide what can be done weekly, biweekly and monthly. Here is an exemplary list of cleaning tasks that you can follow:

  • Vacuum at least twice a week and pay special attention to your carpets. In order to prolong their life, you need to vacuum them regularly and apply some pressure to gather all the dirt, grime and hair.
  • Dust the furniture at least two times a week. Don’t forget the walls, the appliances and the areas which are harder to reach, but attract dust too.
  • Clean the toilet bowl once a week with a commercial toilet cleaner and remember that it’s mostly about prevention – use the brush and give the toilet and its lid a regular wipe down with a damp cloth or a paper towel.
  • After you’ve dusted the furniture and vacuumed the floors, mop them. Take good care of your hardwood floors to make sure their finish is shiny and nice.
  • Wash the sink in the kitchen and don’t leave food in it. Treat stains with lemon juice or a spot remover as soon as you see them. A clogged drain can be easily fixed without using a commercial cleaner. Simply pour some baking soda mixed with lemon juice inside, cover the opening and leave it for half an hour. This will be enough to clean the drain.
  • If you want to remove bad odors, once a month sprinkle baking soda on the carpets, leave overnight and vacuum on the next day.
  • Dust the slip covers and the cushions at least two times a month.
  • Wash the bathroom tiles with a mixture of water and vinegar twice a month.
  • Once every two-three months wash the windows. Use a commercial glass cleaner or prepare your own and pour it in a spray bottle. Washing the windows is best done on a cloudy day that’s not too hot.

Get everyone involved

Share tasks among the members of your family too – this is the easiest way to have a clean home all the time.

If you can’t vacuum during the week, ask your children to do it.

Everyone has to get involved in the cleaning process – this is the way to maintain a beautiful and clean home.

About the Author:
Michelle is a writer working on behalf of Harringay cleaning company that takes an excellent care for your  SE18 home cleaning. Stay tuned for more tips.



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