Clean Your House With Cooking Products

Who needs expensive cleaning supplies, just check your pantry!

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It is easy to guess that most of you spend a lot of time cleaning your homes.

We should do it at least once in two weeks in order to make sure our place is cosy and tidy.

Of course, it often happens that you have forgotten to purchase the necessary detergents needed for the specific cleaning needs of every place.

If this is the situation, there is no need to worry, just look into your kitchen shelves.

You will find everything you need after the jump.


These fruits are mostly famous as cosmetic means, but the truth is that it can be also very useful when it comes to cleaning the home. Lemon juice successfully removes dirt and rust stains.

If you want to clean the kitchen surfaces, apply saleratus on a lemon half and rub the area (do not apply in case the surface is made of marble or granite as it will tarnish).

Wipe with a clean, wet cloth and after that use a dry cloth to remove what is remaining.

If you want to clean the cutting boards, squeeze one lemon and use the juice. Pour it over the board and leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash with water.

Lemon juice will also help you whiten your laundry. Simply add half a glass of lemon juice to the water that you are using for washing the laundry.


It is the most popular cleaning products in your kitchen.

It is the best solution when it comes to cleaning persistent dark stains on metal surfaces and for cleaning kitchen devices inside.

It will help you clean and sanitize the dishwasher, simply pour in the container half a glass of vinegar and turn it on.

Adding vinegar to water will help you clean flooring, windows and glass surfaces.


A wonderful choice for removing bad odours from your home.

It is extremely useful if you have a small kid who loves to paint with crayons on the walls as saleratus cleans perfectly all type of crayon marks and stains.

White bread

It will help you remove the dust from paintings painted with oils.

Gently rub the painting surface with a loaf of white bread. It will gather all the dust.


It helps remove dirt from utensils made of copper and brass.

Squeeze a little ketchup on a clean, soft cloth and rub the utensils.

In a few minutes you will notice that their natural colour is back. Wash the ketchup away with warm water.


Extremely useful when it comes to cleaning vases and bottles.

Just fill ¾ of the vase or the bottle with warm water and add a spoon of rice.

Plug up the hole with your hand and energetically shake it.


It will make your kitchen sink bright and will hide areas with damages.

Simply clean the sink with a cloth, soaked in soda and after that repeat the procedure with a dry cloth.

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Grace is a housewife and  writer keen on flowers, Italian food and house organizing. You can also enjoy her tips and suggestions for creating a better home and efficientLondon house cleaning



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