8 Romantic Herbs to Spice up Your Valentine’s Day

Add a little something extra this year with these special scents.

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You probably know that flowers have a language all their own.

Perhaps you’ve even been the recipient of a red rose, symbolizing love, from your companion on that oh-so-romantic holiday of Valentine’s.

What you might not know, however, is that herbs also carry specific meanings.

As you plan your next Valentine’s surprise or romantic weekend, consider incorporating some of the following herbs to help communicate just how wonderful your special someone is.


In the language of herbs, these sweet, aromatic plant means love itself.

A very versatile flavor, basil works well in pizzas, soups, pasta dishes, salads, and vegetable dishes, but its quintessential companion is the tomato.

Fresh tastes best, so buy a bunch and indulge in homemade tomato sauces or garnish dinner plate with a few leaves for your next candlelight dinner.


A flowering herb with bright yellow blossoms, calendula symbolizes joy and is a great way to let your loved one know how happy you are to be together.

Calendula is best in teas or soaps and can be added to bath water for an extra enchanting soak.


Thyme adds a bright, fresh flavor to almost any dish and symbolizes affection.

A staple in French cooking, thyme tastes particularly good in soups and is an excellent seasoning for roasted meats and vegetables.

Thyme also makes an excellent companion for fruit preserves, and its fresh springs make for an attractive garnish.


Though this herb isn’t for eating, it is commonly used in many perfumes because of its rich, musky aroma punctuated with spicy notes.

Not surprising, then, that this herb represents passion. To take full advantage of it, put some dried patchouli inside pillow cases or tuck a satchel into bed sheets and the fragrance will help set the mood for an amorous night.


You wouldn’t know by the look of them, but these small, white flowers pack a spicy punch.

In the language of herbs, this variety communicates everlasting love and is an excellent addition to tea or a treat in the bath.

Because of its intense flavor, a small pinch goes a long way towards spicing things up.


Is there any doubt that this fragrant, purple flower doesn’t deserve to be considered one of the most romantic herbs available?

With its flowery, heady scent, lavender represents devotion and undying love, making it a perfect choice for that couple coming into the golden years of their relationship.

The herb has many uses and can be added to delicate desserts for a sophisticated burst of flavor.

Or, if you prefer, toss your bed sheets in the dryer with a sachet of dried lavender. Your sheets will come out infused with the scent and help you set the scene for a special night.


If you’ve ever grown oregano, then you are probably familiar with its bounteous reputation.

It’s no wonder, then, that this fertile plant also makes the list as one of the most romantic herbs as a symbol of job and happiness.

Oregano is a great compliment in many dishes, from meats to pastas to vegetables.

Its spicy, earthy flavor also provides a good balance for sweet basil and is common in many Italian dishes.


Last but not least are the fennel fronds that symbolize flattery.

With their thin, delicate leaves, fennel is a good addition to almost any bouquet, but it also works well in the kitchen.

Favored by the cuisine of southern France because of its anise-like bite, it makes a great addition to many savory dishes, including roasts and baked pastas.


Why let Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion be only about the flowers?

Show your special someone how much you care by incorporating some of these romantic herbs into your next candlelight dinner or weekend getaway.

  • Sweet basil means love and works well in many dishes.
  • Calendula means joy, and its soft, flowery scent will help you and your companion relax.
  • Use thyme to profess your affection and add it to your main course.
  • Let passionate patchouli help you set the mood and use yarrow to declare your everlasting love.
  • The scent and flavor of lavender can help you express your devotion and undying love to your companion.
  • Oregano-spiced meals can communicate joy and happiness.
  • Finally, flatter your loved one with a lovely bouquet that includes fennel fronds.

By using a variety of herbs and methods to express your love, you’ll be sure to have a Valentine’s you’ll never forget.

About the Author:
Lauren Hill writes for The Growers Exchange, an online gardening source offering potted plants , herbs and accessories shipped directly to your home.



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