3 Keys To Developing Your Fitness Training Plan

Some tips to help get you started on your way.

Article provided by guest author.

If you’ve ever built a house, you will understand the importance of a foundation.

Without a foundation, your house will easily topple.

Your fitness training plan is the foundation of your health ambitions.

Without a plan, as the saying goes, you are planning to fail.

A plan is going to keep you on track during the “mountain tops” and “valley” experiences.

Hey, if you mess up, get back on the horse and keep riding. Without a plan you have no “horse”. Here are some practical ways to develop and solidify your fitness training plan.

What’s Your Vision

First thing is first, specify your vision. What do you want to accomplish?

How much weight do you want to lose? What time frame do you want to see it done by?

How many miles do you want to be able jog without stopping?

If you write these down it will help you stay sharp and focused as you strive towards these destinations.

Set Your Goals

Now you can set some goals to determine your progress.

Your vision might be to lose 50 pounds. A goal to help you arrive at that destination would be “I will lose six pounds in the next month”.

Therefore, when you lose 6 pounds, you will know that you are heading towards the vision and making progress.

A vision with a plan on achieving it is a fantasy. Set some reasonable goals for yourself so you can track your progress.

The Practical Implementation and Follow Through

Lastly, what are your action steps? The daily disciplines your going to need to stick to?

Let’s take a look at how we can steward our time and tasks to get us to these goals.

Finding time can be discouraging to a lot of people with their already packed schedules.

Make time! It’s  so worth it.

Even if you only have 10 minutes in the morning or evening to jog before your shower, take advantage of that block of time.

Another good strategy is to a 20 minute morning work out every other day.

There are several different tasks you can implement in your schedule to accomplish your goals. They will be determined by your objectives.

Someone who wants to gain weight, will have a different diet than someone wanting to lose weight.

To Get You Started

Let’s quickly take a look at two disciplines you could commit to that will help you lose weight, one diet tip, and one exercise tip.

For diet, drink two 16oz. glasses of water before each time you eat.

Not only does your digestive system benefit from this practice, but your hunger will be suppressed.

Yes, I know, it’s simple, but it can really make a difference!

As you implement exercise techniques, try doing 15 push-ups and 15 sit-ups every morning before you get ready.

This can get your heart rate going and assist your body in burning calories throughout the day.

For more techniques, visit this weight loss article.

These are some practical ways to develop your fitness training plan. Without a plan, you’re planning to fail. Apply these principles and hit those goals! You can do it!



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