3 Dental Sedation Options for Nervous Patients

Anxious about your dentist visit? There’s help available.

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Visiting the dentist’s office has proven to be a leading phobia in today’s society.

Many people would rather live with a tooth ache than to visit the dentist’s office for treatment.

This fear is usually caused by a feeling of vulnerability, discomfort or past traumatic experiences.

Very often, dentists can use calming methods to help ease their patient’s anxiety.

However, if these calming attempts fall flat there are new ways that dentists can ensure a calm and painless dental experience.

The most effective and most common way to combat the phobia of dental is work is through sedation dentistry.

Conscious sedation dentistry

This is achieved through the use of nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas).

The patient inhales the gas through a mask and the amount depends on the level of anxiety.

Conscious sedation dentistry allows the patient to feel numb and secure and is the least heavy sedation practice.

This type of sedation is known as the most convenient form because the patient can drive themselves to and from the office and immediately carry on with their everyday life.

While the patient is incredibly relaxed during the procedure, there is no memory loss.

Oral sedation dentistry

This is usually used by patients who fear actually going to the dentist’s office rather than fearing the procedure itself.

This type of sedation is usually implemented through a pill which the patient takes prior to a dental visit; the patient will need someone to drive them to and from the office.

Through sedation dentistry, the patient remains awake but has a very relaxed and drowsy feeling.

The main purpose of this method is to promote a very deep relaxation –deeper relaxation than that of nitrous oxide.

With oral sedation dentistry, it is common for the patient to have amnesia about the procedure all together.

IV sedation dentistry

This is a deeper method of sedation used by dental experts.

The medicine for this mode of treatment is administered through the patient’s blood stream causing the sedation to begin immediately.

Although the patient remains awake, they are likely have no recollection of the procedure at all; this proves to be the best method of treatment for people with particularly strong dental phobias.

The sedation level can also be easily adjusted based on the individual’s needs.


Through the various levels of sedation, people can now receive the dental attention that they need nixing the anxiety and fear.

Medical science has made uncomfortable procedures tolerable with these types of treatment methods.

When deciding which treatment and which dentist is right for you, be sure to verify that the dentist practicing sedation dentistry is indeed certified to do so.

Dentists with the expertise to perform sedation dentistry have completed further education to ensure safe and effective practices.

About the author:
Patrick Toms is a leading Gainesville, GA dentist who offers specialized services including teeth whitening in Gainesville, GA.



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