5 Ways to Do Equine Sports on a Budget

Horse riding doesn’t have to empty your wallet!

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Horse riding is a grand and well-founded tradition as well as being a much-loved sport and treasured hobby for many people.

Getting involved in a sport like horse riding is exceptionally rewarding especially for young children.

Unfortunately, it is known to be a fairly expensive past time especially if you own your own horse.

Today, however, the sport has become far more accessible to all sectors of society.

Here are some points that could put your financial concerns around the sport to rest:

Group or Family Rides

If you ring your local stables you will be surprised at the discount that is given to large groups interested in taking up equine sport.

Sharing the price of transport and car sharing to the stable could also go some way to helping the problem of inner city enthusiasts.

Great Value Horse Riding Wear

Horse riding gear does not come cheap. This is a well-known fact, anyone who knows about horse riding will tell you, you need boots, a helmet, a nice warm coat, jodhpurs etc.

A lot of the things you need can be borrowed from your chosen stable when you are first starting out and will come at a fraction of the cost, but there are also great quality horse riding gear on

You can start picking up the essentials when you are sure it is a sport you want to pursue.

Horse Loaning

Another good idea when it comes to testing the water with horse riding is the loaning of a horse.

Buying your own horse can be quite the investment so make sure you are really into horse riding before you dive in on such a purchase.

Horse Clubs

Horse clubs are a great place to start if you have initial questions about the sport.

Another really interesting aspect you may not have thought of is employment at a stable.

This is a great Saturday job for a young teenager interested in the sport and you are almost definitely going to be in for some free riding time.

Visit a Family Farm

Not everyone has a friend or family member that is lucky enough to own a farm but if you are, make sure you make the most of the contacts you have.

If you have spent a lot of time at stables or horse clubs, you tend to become friends with the owners of farms.

Although horse riding is not the most economic pursuit, there are ways to indulge in the pastime without breaking the bank.

When you think about the health benefits that come from horse riding from the raising of stamina to tenderising gluteus, stomach and back muscles to helping with posture, there really is no reason that should stop you from at least looking in to getting started.

About the Author:
Stephanie Aylward is a freelance content writer and enthusiast who regularly contributes equestrian related articles.



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