5 Great Ways to Get Your Family Fitter

Make 2013 the year your family becomes more active.

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New Year’s Resolutions have been made and some have been broken already.

Make this a resolution you won’t break; Get the family active in 2013.

You don’t have to make massive changes, just make the effort to get out a bit more and have fun doing it.

Here are some tips after the jump.

In January it can be very easy for families to drop into a routine of watching the TV and playing video games as the nights are too cold and dark to go out.

Don’t fall into this routine and get more active for 2013. It doesn’t have to be so drastic either; here are five top tips to getting your family fitter in 2013.

Get a New Active Hobby

We each have our own hobbies and interests so why not pick up a new one this year?

There are plenty of things you can do to get active and have fun. You can either choose one as a whole family like cycling or each get a hobby individually.

Check out your local sports hall or school as your perfect hobby may be waiting for you.

Family Fun

Spend some time together as a family and do fun things together.

From playing tennis on the Wii on wet, cold days to a day at the park in a pedal boat, there are loads of fun family activities you can do each weekend.

Even going sledding, walking to the shops or taking the neighbor’s dog for a walk are all great sources of exercise for all the family to get involved with.

Adventure Holiday

Why not go on an Adventure-themed Holiday this year with the family?

There are many holiday resorts at home or abroad where you can balance having a relaxing holiday with some adventure days doing new things.

Center Parcs and Hoseasons have a variety of sites in the UK while Explore and Activities Abroad for activities abroad.

Before embarking on your family holiday, make sure you have your single trip travel insurance organised, just in case.

Leave the car at home

It may seem obvious but where possible, try to leave the car at home this year.

Try walking the school run, cycling to work or walking to the shops.

If you are going to find this difficult then consider parking slightly further away from your final destination so give yourself a more reasonable walk, get off the bus a or two stop early or even just going for a walk at you lunch.

Day out

Once a month, take a day for all the family to go on a day out.

It could be from an adventure in the woods to a day out to an adventure park like Landmark in Aviemore.

The National Trust have listed the 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ which is full of fun things to do as a family to get you started.

No one particularly likes being active, especially in these cold and wet January months, but it is important for your families’ health to do exercise and eat well.

Get your children involved by asking them what they want to do and rewarding them for healthy activity.



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