3 Words That Will Help You Boost Muscle

Gain muscle with failure, variety, and diet.

Guest post provided by James Scholten. See below for more information about this author.

When discussing the best way to gain muscle, it seems like everyone has their own ideas as to what works best.

Very few personal trainers recommend the exact same exercise routine to their customers – and it is rare to see two individuals at the gym going through the exact same exercises.

However, there are few tactics which are recommended by most fitness experts, which will help nearly everyone improve the rate at which they build muscle.

This article highlights three words which bodybuilders should bear in mind when planning their exercise routine.


Failure sounds like a negative word which bodybuilders should eliminate from their mind, but failing is in fact very important to muscle building.

During a resistance workout, everyone should complete enough repetitions to drive their muscles to absolute failure.

Most personal trainers tell their customers to up their weights once they can do more than 12 reps of any exercise.

The reason they do this is because it is believed that muscles will grow quicker if they are forced to complete exercises which they are currently too small to achieve.


There are two main reasons why most personal trainers recommend completing a good variety of exercises.

The first reason is that many believe that muscles can get used to performing the same exercises over and over again and this stunts their growth.

The second reason is that focusing on just one area of the body can make it look amusingly uneven. Testing every muscle in your body is the best way to get strong.


A strict workout regime will mean nothing to those who stuff their face with fatty foods every day.

It is believed that 80 per cent of an individual’s body composition is determined by what they eat. Stick to a high-protein low fat diet.

Those who add failure, variety and diet to their workout regime could see improved results within weeks.

About the Author:
James Scholten is an independent writer of fitness and health related articles since 2007 and has been imparting knowledge about fitness and bodybuilding with some important tips which helps the readers. As a fitness enthusiast, he always try to get more and more information about this field. There is always a constant effort from his side of providing people with useful information so that they can stay fit and healthy. In his free time he listens to some good music or attends a few gigs.



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