7 Foods You Thought Were Good For You But Aren’t

Don’t let these ‘healthy’ foods fool you! Read on.

Guest post provided by Shawn Black. See below for more information about this author.

Today, healthy living becoming more of a concern, and many people are actually starting to take steps to eating healthier foods.

If you are one of those people who are looking to change your diet to reflect healthy living, you may want to take a look at this list of seven foods you thought were good for you but aren’t.

1. Light or fat-free

Many of us are tempted to grab the ‘lite’ or fat free version of something thinking that it is the healthier choice.

In fact, these versions often trade off less fat for more cholesterol, sodium and, oftentimes, sugar. These ‘lite’ and fat-free versions are not any better for us than the regular version, but they can cost significantly more.

Always read the labels when buying these foods to do your own comparison.

2. Coffee

Although many people enjoy a cup in the mornings to help them wake up, coffee can seriously impair digestion in the morning.

Impaired digestion hinders your ability to fully utilize vitamins and medications that people often take in the morning.

3. White Meat

It is a well-known fact that fresh chicken, turkey and fish are healthier than beef and pork. The only problem is when these meats are injected with preservatives that keep them fresh; you have to eat harmful chemicals along with your meal.

Additionally, chicken and turkey are only healthier than other meats when the skin and fat is trimmed off, and they are prepared in a healthy manner like broiling or baking.

If you don’t trim the fat and/or deep-fry your white meat, you take away all of the healthy benefits of eating these meats.

4. Canned Fruit

Getting your servings of fruit is essential, but when you consume canned fruits, you also consume all of the high-fructose corn syrup that it comes in.

Try rinsing the syrup off before eating canned fruit.

5. Artificial Sweeteners

It is true that using artificial sweeteners is healthier than eating tons of sugar.

However, it should be noted that these sweeteners have serious side effects, like causing metabolic and digestion problems and nervous system damage.

6. Yogurt

Many yogurts are healthy, but there are some that aren’t. Yogurts with “fruit in the bottom” have a high amount of sugar, and that outweighs the benefit of eating the yogurt itself.

If you are going to eat yogurt, stick to plain yogurt.

7. Chocolate

Many people have heard that chocolate is good for your because of the high level of antioxidants found in it. This is true.

The problem lies in the fact that over 90 percent of the chocolate that is found in the market today is milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is the only kind of chocolate that contains the healthy antioxidants.

About the Author:
Shawn Black is freelance blogger for
Tourisme Montreal. He loves traveling, biking, music, good food and playing basketball.



  • Mike Gunne

    Thanks for this interesting read.
    I suggest adding a small disclaimer to clarify your idea of “healthy”. While it’s true that for most North Americans obesity and its side-effects are the primary health concern, a diet lower in calories does not automatically equal a healthier diet. What alarmed me was the claim that artificial sweeteners are healthier to ingest than sugars! Logic tells us that eating something inorganic (e.g. plastic or artificial sweetener) is bad, whereas eating something organic and non-toxic (sugar, vegetables, vitamins) is good. Please be more responsible! )

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