10 Underrated Horror Movies for the Halloween Season

Some of the best horror flicks you’ve never seen

Since it’s the weekend, and getting close to Halloween, I thought I’d go slightly off-topic and offer up some lesser known scary movies for the season.

Personally, I try to keep the Halloween spirit in my heart all year round, and typically watch a horror flick over the weekend.

My list below will hopefully introduce you to some more obscure horror movies, but definitely worth your time if you’re looking for something new to watch.

Note the movies are listed in alphabetical order rather than by rating. Many of these can be found on Netflix, or at the store for less than $10.

A link to Amazon is provided if you’d like to see more info; just hover or click on the picture.

Boo Boo

For some reason, this movie never really clicked at the box office, but has always been one of my favorites. A haunted hospital, adventurous teens, and a vengeful spirit are all trademarks of a fun horror flick.

This one has some fun effects, and some genuinely scary moments. They even throw in a creepy little girl spirit, which always freaks me out.

The Descent (Original Unrated Widescreen Edition) Descent

One of the better known on the list, and probably one of the bigger budgets. Descent is unique with it’s all-female cast, and adds an additional element to the horror by taking place deep in a cavern.

The mutant cannibals are bad enough, but there are a few claustrophobic scenes that still make me cringe.

Fido Fido

This is an outstanding zombie flick that suffered mostly from bad marketing. If you can get by the silly picture on the cover, you’ll find great character development along with a terrific twist to the zombie genre.

The story is set in the 1950s, on the tail end of a zombie apocalypse. Zombies are well contained, and are even used as domestic servants. Naturally, this doesn’t last.

The Last Man on Earth - In COLOR! Also Includes the Original Black-and-White Version which has been Beautifully Restored and Enhanced! Last Man on Earth

The oldest movie on the list, but one of the creepiest from the era, stars the great Vincent Price in his prime. If you’ve seen ‘I am Legend,’ or the 70’s ‘The Omega Man,’ you’ve seen the bigger budget (and less interesting) versions of the Richard Matheson story.

This black-and-white movie is tailor made for Vincent Price as he fights a losing battle against a horde of shambling, blood thirsty zombie/vampires.

Pontypool Pontypool

One of the lowest budget, and most unique films on the list. Set entirely in a small radio station during a blizzard, the zombie apocalypse is seen (actually heard) through listeners and reporters calling in with increasingly unusual reports.

By the end of the movie, the crisis is literally at his door. Great story development builds the tension throughout.

[Rec] Rec

Yet another zombie flick (are we sensing a pattern?). Keep in mind this one is Spanish, but you can find both dubbed and subtitled versions.

The fact that it’s filmed in an apartment building adds to the intensity. It’s amazing how many chase scenes can be done in a bunch of apartments and a 5-story stairway. Also, be ready for one of the creepiest endings you’ll ever see.

Shaun of the Dead Shawn of the Dead

A love story set in a zombie apocalypse. If you like zombie flicks, and you like comedies, this one is a must see! Just a typical loser who has to step up and take the lead in an impossible situation.

This one has to be watched several times just to pickup all the jokes from other zombie flicks. Great story, great effects, sterling acting. This one is my favorite on the list!

The Abandoned The Abandoned

An old-fashioned ghost story set in one of the scariest houses ever. The lead is an American woman inherits a house in remote Russia. While searching for her past, she encounters some of the eeriest ghosts you’ve ever hidden your eyes from.

Not an action flick, but very gothic and creepy with a good backstory.

The Others The Others

Another ghost story with a lot of atmosphere. Nicole Kidman is the mother waiting for her husband to return from war. The huge house is musty and dark, and you grow to realize something just isn’t quite right.

Creepy with just enough scares to keep you on edge.

Trick 'r Treat Trick ‘r Treat

The newest on the list, this one is rapidly achieving cult status for one of the go-to movies for Halloween. The film follows several intertwined stories taking place in the same neighborhood.

The movie digs into both the fun and the darker side of the holiday. A great mix of horror and humor.


There you have it. Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas on a few horror flicks you haven’t seen. Feel free to comment with your own additions.



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